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    Music only makes me stronger. Music speaks to the heart in ways words cannot express.

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    Long Live Rock and Roll

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    International Rockabilly Hall of Fame and Museum in Jackson, Tn

Reggie Vinson


Reggie Vinson aka Rockin' Reggie was born in TN, and raised in Detroit, MI. Reggie grew up with the sound of the Gospel.

His mother was a Gospel Singer and his Aunt was Minnie Pearl, and his cousin is Pat Boone. Reggie has worked as a guitarist, background vocalist and co-writer with Alice Cooper. Has performed with Etta James, Chuck Berry, Roy Orbison and many others. He recorded with John Lennon in NY just to name a few. He has worked in the Gospel field with Johnny Cash and Rev Billy Graham.and other ministries. As of today Reggie has written and recorded 17 CD's and has performed in Africa, England, Jerusalem, Canada and throughout America. He has received 23 Awards including 10 gold and platinum Records and has been inducted into the "International Rock A Billy Hall of Fame" in Jackson, Tn. Reggie Vinson is a man with a million stories and has just released his new book called "Still Got A Song In Me", an a autobiography about his 50 years in the music business and a new CD called "Still Got A Song in Me" and Rockin' Reggie still hasn't come to the end of his song.

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Reggie Vinson

Latest Album

Still Got a Song In Me
Still Got a Song In Me

Still Got a Song In Me

Artist: Rockin Reggie Vinson
Released: 05/01/2018
Label: Rockin' Kat Music BMI
Format: CD

    "Still Got A Song In Me" Book

    Once in a while a dream comes along that touches the heart like no other.

    That's what happened to me when I lived in Detroit. My mother Lillie taught me a few guitar chords when I was twelve, and a dream in my heart was born. Then deep within I knew I was destined to become the man I am today. This wasn’t an easy story for me to write. It’s simply the telling of my life through vignettes and short stories arranged in chronological order. These stories demonstrate what I have accomplished through a little luck, hard work, determination, and being at the right place at the right time. And I ain’t done yet. Your Limited Edition book purchase includes autographed from Reggie Vinson a 8x10 signed photo and a 3 track CD.

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